If you’re having a problem, or just want a quick answer to something, check here first.

  • I’ve subscribed but I still can’t see posts.

    Odds are you’ve not opted in to any categories. Go to your confirmation email and find the link to manage your email settings and click that, and then make sure you’re opted into at least one category.
  • Why is this newsletter subscriber only? Do I have to pay?

    No, you don’t have to pay. It’s subscriber only to give me a little more control over who has access to my fic and my site. Fandom is getting increasingly weirder and weirder, and with creators and showrunners reading fic for their own fandoms and making jokes about it on television, I’m getting even more itchy about who has access to it.
  • How often to emails go out?

    Inconsistently, at present. Especially if you’ve only opted into a few categories. If you’ve opted into everything, you might get them more regularly, but even with everything, I’m a bit of a mess, and am only sending out newsletters when I have something to send out, rather than trying to stick to a schedule that’s too difficult to maintain.